Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Judge

This past month hasn't been very nice.

I've been ignoring twitter. On purpose. I know, shocker. It was fun to keep up with Twitter friends and just hear their drama, because you weren't involved. Now, I don't want to hear another whine, especially from strangers. I'll listen to my friends, and help them whenever I can. But honestly, I got enough shit going on, I just don't want it.

I'm heavily debating blocking a family member on Facebook. Which is weird because FB is a place I let my family follow me. (Twitter is totally diff story). I don't want to see posts, updates, lies, or falsely happy pictures from this person. I don't want them to see any of my pics, honest updates, or see any glimpse of our happy lives. I feel cold hearted but at the same time, I've lost all respect for this person. I think we've spoken 2x since this whole thing started, (a month ago). I want to say what's happened, and what's occupying my head. I just can't. But what I will say is, when I was first approached, I was happy for the upcoming growth of a person. But the outcome and events that have since happened, just fucking sucks.

Ok. I need to move on from that.

Um. oh! oh! oh!

Krazy made an appearance at Thanksgiving dinner!! She had to pick up our niece, but decided she couldn't wait in the car like it was arranged. The best part, with the exception of one person, everyone was awkwardly silent. and it was glorious. Krazy's been telling our niece lies, truths that shouldn't ever include a child, and stories to relay to MIL. Just sickening the way she uses her child. But I was glad she didn't get the warm welcome she was expecting. 

The other day I realized that we seem pretty redneckish. So. Middle Bro is dating my aunt. And I'm working super closely with ExRoomie's GF. And my other aunt posted a pic of me and Husband with all my siblings/cousins (all close in age, except LilA), and they looked like they were our own kids. Oh lordy lou. I hope work doesn't ask for the family explaination. If I don't like it, I don't have to explain, right? Gawd, I hope not. 

Let's see, Krazy, family drama, redneck, yeah. I think that's about it. If not, oh well. It's just gonna hafta be. 

PS- Krazy heard Middle Bro was dating the aunt she about attacked at my wedding. She's not happy. All of a sudden she's trying to talk to the family more. How fucking convienent.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh October!

October has been a fucking roller coaster man! Well, September was stressful so October was like a Valium before going on Magic Mountain. You just don't give a fuck, but you're along for the ride.

In September, my husband left his job and started a new one. When he told people he got a new job, people assumed it was because of the money. Let me correct. It never was about the money. We only cared about the money in the aspect that, it can't be minimum wage. Thankfully, it was a nice raise. No, this job was about my husband's happiness. He hasn't came home pissed off, angry, irritated, emotionally and physically drained, grouchy, or stressed, yet. I hope it won't ever get to that point. This new job has better benefits, better people, a bit more relaxed, better schedule, no winter shift, and my favorite, his life expectancy has greatly improved. He still works on roads and with traffic. Except, traffic now is ~5 cars per day. Woot.

The downside about starting this new job was being paid once a month. So, from old job he got 1 paycheck, not the 2 we figured, and 3 days worth of pay from the new job. That means, for most of September we were broke bitches. Like, we planned to live like broke ass college kids who had already planned for 2 major football events. Lovely. I'm eternally grateful our families are so supportive of us. I spent a whole day in Pullman, ate, drank, watched football, and got back home, for the cost of a $30 hat. That was it. My husband had to pay a lil bit more but that was his own doings. Still, family helped. Our friends were super kind about things, too. No one was pushy when we said we couldn't go out 2 nights in a row. No one complained that we only brought a 12 pack instead of 24. September we basically lived off my weekly salary.


I ate it for lunch a few times though, simply because I was cold and didn't feel like making a sandwich.

In my vows, I said I knew we were in for rough times but I wasn't afraid of it. I was ready to tackle it without a helmet. It's true. September wasn't nearly as hard as we both planned for it to be. But that doesn't mean we didn't do a happy dance when October's paycheck came in! :)

October. October brought my husband a new job. October brought friends back together. October brought me a new job as well. ExRoomies GF had offered me a job with her. Back in July or August. But October is when I interviewed, stressed, and rocked a phone interview. Today GF sent me a text saying they're typing the official letter offering me a job. I cried. To my defense, I had been listening to Kidd's Kids Day and that got me teary. I tell my parents and MIL. But guess who still doesn't know? My dear husband. Because he left his phone at home. Sigh. That man I tell ya.

October is only halfway done. We still have 2 more weeks. In the next two weeks we will be saying goodbye to a friend and wishing her luck on her next life adventure, husband applying for dream job (though we know he's not likely to get it), hopefully Cooper will get his Seahawk jersey, and we'll have an entire weekend to ourselves. With how crazy our lives always seem to be, we always need to take a time out and just be with each other.

This is the time we'll always remember when we look back to our first year of marriage. And I freaking love it! Just wish we took more embarrasing pictures ;)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 20th

*sigh* I'm tired of Krazy. I've had enough crazy this year, I don't need Krazy to add to it. At least this post is semi-decent. I should be outright excited (and I am), but just don't have the energy to jump around.

Thursday (Sept 20th), I had two friends text me, telling me that Krazy has a new boyfriend. I'm not shocked. That girl has no problem finding guys. I'll give her that. It's keeping them that is the trick. But what I was shocked about was on the morning of September 28th. Ya know, thank gawd my friend checked Facebook that morning. I was able to learn, show, and tell so the family knew before lunch. Apparently Krazy got this new boytoy pussy-whipped so bad, he decided she needed a promise ring. [Insert collective gasp here]

Now, it's been 2wks since she publicly posted about this boyfriend. So normal people may think they'd been dating for months before saying anything. No. Krazy can't keep a secret. Hello, she posted her morning surprise before 8am! I personally think they'd been dating 3wks but who the eff knows. What I care about is that she has a boytoy. This is good because she gets very relaxed about the family having our niece. Unfortunately, she's using her daughter to give MIL messages. Example- "My mommy wants me to tell you that she has a new boyfriend, but, but, he's not allowed to spend the night." Riiight. Why would a 3yo feel the need to tell her Grandma that? Besides, we know she didn't hook this guy off of her charm.

Overall, I'm glad Krazy has a boyfriend. I think she totally deserves the creepy guy who gave her a promise ring (and says "I love you") with less than 1 month of knowing her name.

Good luck Krazy. You and your new boytoy will need it.

Your fans waiting for the shit to go down

Unrelated: New post coming soon, un-related to Krazy, and about what we're up to!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 12, 2012

It took a month to type this one out. She's just that exhausting. Her behavior was just so out of the blue and completely uncalled for.

August 11th-12th was MiddleBro's weekend to have his daughter. When the weekend was over, he was to do "the swap" at his parents' house in Ptown. Apparently he was 5minutes late and Krazy lost her shit. She went off on MIL. She called her a horrible person. She went off about how our niece would be appalled at how our family treats Krazy. How Krazy doesn't want our niece to have anything to do with us, and is never allowed to be there again. She then rubbed her belly and told MIL she won't ever get to know that child. MIL never retalliated, she just kept asking what was wrong, what brought this on. Oh wait, the only hint of retaliation MIL had was when she asked Krazy if she was even pregnant. MiddleBro stood there, completely frozen in shock at what was going on in front of him. Our niece was in Krazy's car, watching all of this go down. FIL came out, got right there to Krazy, and told her, do not disrespect my wife, get the fuck off my property, you are never allowed back. And Krazy left. 

Now, let's disect her little rant. Typically, 5 minutes is nothing to get that upset over. Be irritated, that's ok. But not a reason to flip the fuck out. Next, MIL is quite the opposite of a horrible person. She damn near raised our niece as much as MiddleBro and Krazy have. She has provided food, shelter, clothes, toys, movies, & life lessons to that child that Krazy and MiddleBro hadn't. She watches that child whenever a babysitter was needed, regardless of how tired she was. So to go off on MIL and call her a horrible person, is entirely out of bounds. How about the part when Krazy claims we treat her like shit. Hmm. My husband remembers very vividly during our Rehearsal Dinner, the night before our wedding, how Krazy asked him what she can do to be on good terms with him and get our "approval". He told her that the only thing she needs to do is to treat MIL respectfully. You respect MIL, you're good with Husband. She never asked my opinion. I didn't like her, but I was being civil and polite. And quite frankly, I'm glad MIL voiced her opinion about Krazy's pregnancy.

It's now time for MiddleBro and the whole family to start thinking heavily about court. He's never gone to court for his daughter for custody. They still do every other weekend is his "time" but it still needs to be court-recognized. Unfortunately, the State of Washington makes it incredibly hard (damn near impossible) for a child to be removed from the mother. My friend told me of her cousin: he tried for custody because Baby-Mama was an alcoholic. Judge refused it, and told him he needs more proof. Isn't that assinine? An alcoholic mother can still have full custody of her child, even though the father is the better choice? That is what we'll have to deal with. I refuse to say it's on MiddleBro. We all band together for family and we all will do what we can to maintain the few visits we get, just to see that little girl.

If I remember correctly, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday that Krazy told MiddleBro that she lost the baby due to stress. The stress she caused herself. I doubted she was ever pregnant, but if she was, thank God that baby won't be born into this mess.

We do get to see our niece, thankfully. Interestingly, I last saw her at MIL's house. :) Unfortunately, she's resorted to talking baby-whiney-talk. She's also told MIL a few things that make you wonder what in the hell Krazy is telling her daughter. I wish I could remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of us hating Krazy and her (among a few others). It crushed MIL. You don't involve your 3yo on your adult matters.

You don't act like a child yourself when you become a parent. You grow up and are responsible for another human being. A perfect, innocent, child.

Monday, August 6, 2012

July 23rd

Krazy announced her pregnancy on Facebook the day after she told MIL. (By the way, what happened to the superstition about not announcing til after the 1st trimester?) ExRoomie posted a day or two later something along the lines of "Yeah..and we're supposed to be happy? lmao...kicks rocks" and Krazy did not like that. She really didn't like my "that seems to be the general consensus" (again, along the lines...) comment either. In fact, she disliked us so much, she didn't contact me or ExRoomie. She went to MIL. (MIL had written a comment agreeing but then deleted it. Heck, whole post is deleted, sadly.)

I texted MIL later, asking if Krazy had texted her (remember, Krazy goes to MIL, not us) and she sent me the whole exchange. Would ya like to read it? Of course you do! So here it goes, 3 texts from Krazy, to MIL, forwarded to me.

Krazy: "This is bullcrap with what I have to put up with. Seriously! I have ur son. [ExRoomie] talking crap on fb and daughter inlaw [me]. If he aint happy and all of u he doesn't need to post that crap. This child in me is his nephew or niece and ur grandchild. That aint cool at all. I'm done I have nothing else to say to this family. Please don't text me or call me. I will text u about [niece] If I need to. Thanks" *All spelling, punctuation, and grammer is Krazy's. Not mine.*

MIL's convinced Krazy just loves the drama, and that the pregnancy is her way of trapping MiddleBro. She voiced a few other complaints too, but they pretty much just copied mine and I don't believe I've ever hidden my opinion. :)  I like how she said she has "nothing else to say to this family." If she holds true to it, then it'll finally be quiet for MIL's phone.

A week after the pregnancy announcement, ExRoomie finally heard from MiddleBro (who hadn't stayed in his own apartment for that week), when he got the text that MiddleBro is moving out in few months. Yesterday, (August 5th) is first time I've seen MiddleBro. He's been keeping to himself. But you can see the strain on his face. You'd see stress on my face too if my baby-momma isn't letting me see or talk to my child. Not sure when that started but Krazy is refusing to let our niece see or talk to MiddleBro. That is the most assinine thing I've ever heard in my entire life! I was told MiddleBro is going to take her to court but who knows. Not going to believe it until I see it.

This girl just needs help. Bad. She may be making life harder for everyone around them, but she doesn't see how this will fuck up her daughter?

This blog was supposed to track the frequency of Krazy's outburts and tantrums. Now it's just recording everything she does and says. It's like her own electronic medical file. Or would it be mental? I know MiddleBro can withstand Krazy and her antics. But you don't take a child away from his/her parent as a way of punishment.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 21st

July 21st was National Tequila Day, and the popular Taco Tuesday.

Monday had been a hard day for Husband, so Tuesday was supposed to be better. GF and her son were over helping with something when Husband asked GF if ExRoomie had talked to her yet. She said no, but she knew there was something he had to say. So, Husband decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and tell us both. Krazy had gone up to MIL and informed her that she was pregnant.

{collective gasp please}

Gawd, just thinking back to that part makes my blood run hot. Krazy had been on the outs of the family for a week. And this?

But here's the problem. I understand it's possible, but there are some issues with her timeline. As of the 21st:
  • 3wks prior was Krazy's last stomach doc appt (guess she'd been having issues for months), and they test for pregnancy, which was a negative.
  • 2wks prior to the 21st, Krazy was on her period. GF knew that because in a bachelor pad, it's pretty easy to tell who's on their period when it's not you.
    • shouldn't she just now be ovulating?
Disregard the part that she's been drinking a lot, very frequently.

Again, I know some women get their periods and can be pregnant. And that some have tested uber early and still came out positive. But considering her past month, there's enough doubt.

MIL's voiced that she has a gut feeling that it's just a hoax to get Middle Bro trapped. On her side of the family, if you have a gut feeling, then you're 99% correct. I told Husband about MIL's feeling and he gave me this odd look. He told me that she's never been wrong with those feelings.

Considering the situation, I hope the pregnancy is a lie. But if it's true, then she better hope to God it's Middle Bro's.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 14th

July 14th (Monday) was scheduled if we had bothered looking at a calendar.

In hindsight, MIL knew Krazy's behavior from Saturday night was the big clue. But considering Sunday was quiet, MIL wasn't expecting to get bombarded by angry Krazy texts. Poor MIL got the brunt of Krazy's Quarterly Tantrum again.

Krazy claims that she's sick of the crap she has to deal with in this family, how we'll never accept her, they favor me, how FIL is racist, etc etc. She also told MIL that she was tired of being attacked by the family. She used "attacked" in her essay text. Seriously. Husband was on the phone with MIL on speaker phone when I heard that so I wrote on a napkin "perhaps she should come to our house so she can honestly say she was attacked". Something along those lines and not nice at all. To say she was attacked, is a slap to the face to the InLaws after all they've done for Krazy and Middle Bro. Krazy lived in their house, free of any costs, for a very long time, disrespectful towards MIL, and acted like they owed her something. To top it all off, everyone had been trying to give her the second chance she wanted. No one said anything offensive about/to her that weekend.

Now here's the part that needs to be addressed. FIL is not racist. If he was, would he really do so much for Krazy? Krazy is Mexican. FIL is loud and will say something and stick to it, just to get a rise out of you. I've NEVER been offended by him. I used to/still get comments from him about what's on my foot (tattoo) or what was in my nose (piercing). He always smiles and gives you a hug afterwards. FIL's thing for Krazy is to call her a Spaniard. She's always replied with, "I'm not a Spaniard. I'm a Mexican" and laughs it off. He'd been saying that since before I came around 3.5yrs ago! We're not sure why she decided to be offended now.

She claimed InLaws favor me over her. Even GF told her she was cray for thinking they play favorites. Krazy was upset about how they had offered me dinner when I walked in but they didn't say anything to her. Uh, I guess we're playing preschool now. She had already been at the house for awhile before I got there, and she sees InLaws regularly because of our Niece.

The Tantrum was fairly typical, only a few new things to complain about. The heartbreaking part was when MIL told Krazy she's done playing her games and Krazy pulled the "oh, you don't love [niece] anymore...?" card. MIL bends over backwards for that little girl and loves her more than anything. I don't understand how Krazy can get off pulling that card. Is she really that sick that she feels this need to hold some type of power over someone? Why? Why use an innocent child as pawn? Does she not see how that this behavior is already affecting our niece? I just don't get it.

It's reached a point where it's no longer infuriating, it's just concerning. Krazy needs help but I can bet that she either won't go, or won't follow directions correctly.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Chronological Chain of Events

I think the best way to explain what happened during this time frame is to just list it out.

July 12th (Thursday)- Ladies Night at Joker's Bar. Krazy made it well known she was going out with her roomie and sister. *Note: we find out this next bit, the next day* Krazy calls GF for a 1-2am, when she is fully aware GF has her son with her. GF loads up her was-sleeping 6yo. Goes to bar. Krazy's sister and roomie tell GF they been looking for Krazy for past 2 hrs and couldn't find her. Krazy's sister is livid at Krazy for not being responsible when she knew she still had a 30min drive home. There was big ol' argument between gf, Krazy's sister, Krazy's roomie, Krazy, and some random group of guys about what will happen. Krazy and her Roomie get a ride from the not-so-random-like-she-said guys, and GF goes back home.

July 13th (Friday)- ExRoomie wakes up to 1am phone call from GF so he calls and gets a recap of the midnight escapades. He was upset as it was, but became furious at Krazy when GF informed ExRoomie, that Krazy told GF not to tell ExRoomie or MiddleBro. GF's like, uh no that ain't happenin (I paraphrased there, but I'm sure I'm not too far off). ExRoomie tells Husband and GF tells bits and pieces to me. Husband and I were informing MIL on speaker phone when Middle Bro walks in the house being loud (thank goodness!). We immediately end the convo. Our double date with ExRoomie and GF became a Brothers-and-girls-and-niece dinner. Oh joy. All the guys were drinking, GF being good driver only had 1 drink and that was early. I had ordered a 2nd drink but it arrived towards the end of the meal. Krazy did same. Then it comes down to leave and as we were getting in our car, Krazy is getting in passenger of her car. She was making Middle Bro drive. NOT COOL. Husband said a few words.

The funny part about that was, I've seen that girl a week before, drink 2 bottles of wine and barely look buzzed. Why would 2 drinks effect her worse than all the drinks Middle Bro was drinking?

July 14th- I was down in Ptown for my sissy's 3rd birthday and my friend's bridal shower. Krazy tried to volunteer me to take my niece down to my sister's party. I love her to death, but that's between BOTH parents, NOT me. And not when I already had plans. Middle Bro had already planned on taking her with him when the whole family went boating. They had a blast!

At the end of boating, I met up with them at the Cousins' new house. Krazy and rest of family were already fed and chilling outside. I thought it was a good time. Krazy played with the Cousins' older kid while their youngest played with our niece. Everyone was talking with each other and laughing.

That's why Monday, July 16th, was way out of left field.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top

I'm done with the wedding! I have TIME!! I've forgotten what this is like. I could get used to this.

(Scratch out the whole 'time' comment. The 1st weekend in July is the only weekend we had to ourselves until September)

So in comes May. Cousin's wedding is coming up. Our niece is a flower girl in it. Krazy was coming up with the fam. Glad we stayed in the hotel across the street. I guess Krazy was trying to work herself back in the family, and be on everyone's good graces. She behaved herself (besides her and Middle Bro leaving our niece with the InLaws during the reception).

She apparently told MIL that she wanted to help with our wedding. I really doubted it and didn't like it but was it really such a big deal in the whole picture? No. So Krazy helped with the Rehearsal Dinner. She brought in 3 different types of drool-worthy cheesecake cupcakes. (Major points to Krazy). And made this little sign for us. I have to admit, she's being true to her word and is actually trying to make peace with this family. She had talked with ExRoomies current GF (she's a keeper! Perhaps I'll name her GoodGF?), and was asking advice on how to not be on everyone's shit list. GF told her that if she wanted to make good with us, she needed to talk to us seperately and sort it out, but before the wedding. Krazy took her advice, but decided rehearsal night was when she needed to talk to Husband (that flows so much nicer than fiance). All Husband told her was to be good and respect his mom, and she'll be ok. Note: to this day, she still has not talked to just me.

She kept it up for awhile, this good change she's done. Me, my niece, and Krazy went to Old Navy's dollar flip flop sale and didn't say one bad thing to each other. On the Fourth of July she got under ExRoomies skin, but I'm just going to push that under the rug because alchoholic beverages were involved.

July 14th was the "calm" (fi you can call it that) before the storm.


The Telephone Game

*Disclaimer: I started this 3months ago and I apologize for the lack of luster. The next post makes it better, I promise!*

I mentioned on my last post that one of my friends called me with new information on Krazy. There was. OH BOY was there new information! Thankfully it was nice outside so I was able to sit outside for the call because there was no way I would be able to absorb this stuff, just sitting on the couch.
Phone rings, I answer. No preamble, we just got right down to business. Coworker of my friend approached Friend and talked a little with her about Krazy and whatever tie there was there (sorry, it was more than 2hrs ago, I can't remember). Friend tried to inform Coworker that Krazy is one of those people where you say little, nothing offensive, and take a step back. Coworker may not have believed Friend when she was told, Krazy will do what she needs to, to stalk this family. See, from the beginning, Krazy was adamant, she was going to marry into this household family. Don't ask why, I don't understand it.

Anyways, there was a nasty little rumor that Krazy was seeing 2 guys at the same time. And then the rumor she was engaged. I laughed at that one. Even she wouldn't get engaged after such short time. And don't forget the ever-so-mandatory rumor (damn small towns!) that she was uh, trying out a few guys' beds.

None of that mattered though because, as it turned out, Krazy and Middle Bro were having dinner together as we were speaking.

Sadly, it must of been a boring dinner because nothing came of it.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Krazy's Wedding

Wedding, wedding, wedding!!

That's all I seem to hear anymore! I think I'm losing it. Of course, at the beginning of the engagement I was so excited to plan our wedding. Seriously, I have no clue how anyone could stand to be around me (thanks for hanging in there with me guys!). I feel bad for MIL. She had to not only listen to me, she had Krazy to listen to, as well.

As soon as Fiance & I found our venue, my picture perfect wedding came to my head effortlessly. I knew my colors, decorations, feel, music, outfits, everything. Krazy was a different story. While I had colors picked out, and was trying on every dress at David's Bridal, Krazy wouldn't pick colors til she found her dress (to be honest, I don't think she ever went dress shopping in person) and wouldn't pick a dress until the next Hailey's Comet came and the President did the Funky Chicken.

Krazy and I didn't talk much about our own weddings to each other. I don't know about her, but I didn't tell her much details because she had this tendency to try and one up people. We chose June, and suddenly she tried to change her August wedding to May. HAHAHA, nice try girlie, but FIL said "no" to you. She may have had the Church reserved, but that's A-ok by us!

Then came a quiet period. No biggie, I was too. I didn't want to get burned out too early on planning so I took a break for the summer. So I figured Krazy did, too. Ooohh, she took a break alright. I wish I remembered how we found out. Our family told us one helluva story, and one of my close friends told us the same story. Grab some popcorn and sit back. This is what daytime television is made of:

Krazy was in a local wedding (not too much of a shocker considering the bride had more bridesmaids than Fiance has cousins (trust me, thats a lot!). Krazy, Bonehead, and their daughter had great time, drinking, eating, and dancing. I guess Krazy got a little too crazy and let that dress go to her head. Come to find out, Krazy gave her number to another wedding go-er and not with innocent intentions. No one in the family had seen them "over" so fast! I don't think it was 1wk before they had their things split and moved out. It was odd, there felt like the family was stronger then. All supporting our Middle Bro. She's never been welcome in TheInlaws home since.

Middle Bro spent a long time living with his parents, but him and Roomie (ExRoomie?!) are both living together down the road from us. Krazy's been absent from our lives for the most part. Middle Bro meets Krazy to pick up his daughter, but she's never been around Fiance and I.

But ya know, it's pretty damn awesome when I get a phone call from a friend with the best damn information about Krazy...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Story for a Long Family Trip

Jumping a few months ahead, we reach the summer. Last summer was abnormally chilly (80s, not 90s or 100s), but we were in our only heat wave and it was finally hot. The InLaws invited all the kids and significant others to the place they were staying at, at Lake Chelan. Roomie and Bossy were in Montana for some softball tourney. So Krazy, Bonehead, and their daughter drove up to our house, and we all loaded up in our truck (guys, I love our truck. The back seats recline a little!) with the boat in tow, and we drove up to Chelan.

The condo was a little cramped with 6 adults and a 2yo. We settled in for the first day and everyone  was getting a routine down. We were all pumped to go out on our small boat the next day. The weather was supposed to be hot with hint of a breeze.

The next morning lunches were made, hair was pulled back, everyone had swim suits on. Krazy was going for the neon 90s look and was doing that stupid self portrait every girl seems to do on Facebook.

To MIL and I, it appeared that Krazy was pumping herself up to go boating. She's never been on our boat. Her daughter scares VERY easily. Just put a sleeping dog next to her and watch the reaction. You'll agree if you've seen it. Anyways, Krazy is same way. She'll pretend she's excited to try something new but we all know it'll be hell. We weren't even going to do anything fun anyways. There were too many people (3 with very bad backs, let alone the toddler), so all we were going to do was putt around and do very easy tubing.

We make the long trek down to dock and wait our turn to unload (it was our first boat launch with only ONE ramp). It was still early-mid morning and we were all sweating. It was going to be a hot one and that warm, clear lake water was going to feel good!

This water is crystal clear. That was probably about 40-50feet deep. Freaking beautiful!

We go out to a clear, calm spot to float (about 10-15mins out) and Krazy starts complaining. She's hot. She doesn't feel good. I mentally tell her that she shouldn't have sprayed the entire tanning oil bottle on her before we got out here. Everyone tells her she's probably dehydrated and too much sun (really?!). Krazy refused to drink water. Refused to dip her feet in the water to cool down. Fiance asked if she wants to go back to the dock and go back to the room. She said yes, but didn't want everyone else to be dragged down with her. Fiance very loud and clear when he assured her, no the group wasn't going in. Just her and our niece. :)

Ya know, it was amazing how much more fun we had once she went in. Everyone stayed hydrated and got in the water when they needed a quick cool down. We kept our heads covered. We tubed. The boat took on some more water than normal BUT we had way more weight in her than normal. But she ran wonderful!! FIL and Bonehead were incredibly sore after tubing (bad backs) but you can tell they had a blast.

We all went out for dinner that night. It was a fancy place and if we lived closer, I would've loved to get married there. I simply cannot explain how beautiful it was. Everyone was on their best behavior. Except Krazy got a little too loopy and didn't try very hard to keep the mouth filter on. I can't remember exactly what was said but there were a few times MIL and I exchanged concerned looks.

After that day, Krazy was quiet. She slept most of the way home. She didn't say anything really brow-raising. But she never seems to stay that way.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Change of Epic Proportions

As of today, I have 3 days until Easter is here, and Lent is over. For me, this means I can have my Facebook account back (yay!). Ya'll on Twitter know I'm beside myself with excitement and something huge is here. But it's so much bigger than Twitter. This needs to be logged in a book somewhere. No better place than here, right?

So I'm taking a 'break' from work (because for first time in over a week I actually have work to do) to bring this most glorious news:


I, Dory, and Fiance, are pleased to announce that our home will soon be housing two humans, not three!! [Insert fabtastic happy dancin here] Roomie got an awesome apartment with an amazing view (better than ours!) just a few blocks down.

I cannot express how estatic we both are to finally be able to live together, alone. It'll be hard financially for a bit, but I think it will the most gratifying broke we'll ever be.


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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Baby Season!!

The rush to get the nursery done, baby showers, the "oh crap, what are we in for?", and the excited announcing. All part of Baby Season. It's not a time of year. It's a few years of your life. It comes at different times for everyone but it normally happens in your twenty-somethings. And if you're not pregnant, a friend of yours is, and you get a nose dive lesson into being supportive.

February was an exciting month (ok, more like week) because we had 2 couple-friends give birth to healthy babies. One week it was twins, and the next week it was our close friends new son. (so excited for them all!) I have a feeling that we will be bringing diapers as gifts instead of beer. As long as we get our baby fix, it's totally ok with us (at least for me!).

I told you February was an exciting time, but it was also a very emotional/insightful time. So along with all the wedding stresses, Fiance was about to come off Winter Shift (nights) and merge back into days, and we were sort of pushed into having potential life changing talks. Nothing bad, just about how insane it is that our friends are getting married, having kids, raising families, starting their lives. We may not make the greatest  of incomes but if the stork decided to drop a present at our house, then we think we could shuffle a few things and provide the best life we could manage. Between being alone 3/4 of the week, and Roomie's new girlfriend bringing up last years memories, I found myself thinking more about Krazy.

It was last year at the InLaws house. The men in the living room watching some sport, of course. The women were in the kitchen and the tv room that's adjacent to the kitchen. MIL and I were at the far edge of the kitchen. Roomie's girlfriend at the time (I think Bossy is an appropriate name), and Krazy were in the tv room. Krazy had a glazed look over eyes as she watched her daughter and Bossy's daughter play together. Krazy told Bossy that she and Bonehead were going to start trying for a boy here very soon (her timeline conflicted with her wedding, btw. Keep that in mind with this Catholic family) and asked Bossy when she and Roomie will start trying. Bossy looked at Krazy like she had grown a second head. Bossy informed Krazy in a not so subtle tone, that theres no way she and Roomie could afford a second child (2nd for her, at least) and they weren't anywhere near that point in the relationship.

I believe MIL & I were trying our damndest not to bust up laughing.

I wish I remembered the words Bossy and Krazy exchanged, but essentially Bossy got Krazy to STFU. I think then Krazy knew a few things on where she stands:
  • She's too bat shit crazy to care for a second child
  • She doesn't need a second child when they struggle that much for their only one
  • Our family doesn't want a second grandchild...that way.
  • A baby doesn't solve relationship problems.
I still get a big smile when I think back to that. I wasn't close to Bossy but I believe we celebrated that day with a beer later that night (way after her daughter had gone to bed). It was a glorious victory in this never ending war with Krazy. It kinda reminds me of another story about Krazy...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double Dog Dare

This won't be a story about Krazy. This one's about me. It doesn't define who I am, but it does make me, well, me.

I have a bone disease. Fibrosis Dysplasia. Don't try and look it up. This disease isn't necessarily a disease, but it's the best my Doc could label it as. It's a mix of two different conditions. My femurs (thigh bones guys), wrists, and elbows are weak. The bones aren't solid like they should be and are very easily broke. My wrists and elbows aren't a concern. The problem was my femurs. My left femur was very bowed in 2 ways: it bowed up, and out. My right femur (if I understand correctly) had the bigger area that was "thin."

I was diagnosed when I was 3 years old. I had tried to crawl out of my crib and gotten my foot stuck, and broke my ankle (foot? hell, I don't know). When my young mom took me to the hospital, she was incredibly lucky and the doctor had known who to refer me to. He had seen 1 other case before and knew of the best doc on this side of the country. His name is Dr. Ernest "Chappie" Conrad. We would become very close the next 15years. I had a biopsy when I was about 3yrs old; a stainless steel rod in right femur in 2nd grade; titanium rods, pins, and screws in left femur 3days after I turned 13yo; and then replaced my stainless steel to put in the titanium rod in my right femur when I was 16yo.
I could go into more details but I don't want to. I'm not ashamed, or trying to hide it. I'm just too damn excited for whats next.

Again, I was never shy or ashamed of my scars. To be honest, I forgot most of the time that I had them, even during summer. Once I had gotten old enough to fully embrace God's Gifts, I made a fun game with myself. I know when someone looks at my scars (when I'm not looking other way) and then I love to see who will actually ask me about them. I am truly estatic when someone asks. I know they had enough balls to approach a (more often than not) perfect stranger and ask what happened. But when I'm with friends or family, people tend to ask them. Yeah, it's fine and probably more "polite" but thats not how my game plays.

That brings us to now. About 3wks ago, I had an idea and before I lost my own cajones, I put it in motion. Instead of waiting for someone to see my scars and wonder if they should ask, I figured I should help them decide:

What this picture doesn't show, is my 2nd grade scar and 16yo scar (they were overlapped).
I got a tattoo (thank you Matt Brown for your patience!) that says "Dare to Ask"

I want people to ask. I'd love to tell them. Even if they don't, I still got a badass tattoo under my gnarliest of scars.


So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thank you to Matt Brown at Parkway Tattoo!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Died...Then I Came Back

I knew I was totally slacking on my blog, but didn't know it was to the point I had to reread my prior posts! Yikes! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. I've been thinking about it, I truly have! I'm at a standstill, a brick wall perhaps. I have a story I really want to post but its so far towards The End, I don't really feel like I should tell it so soon. But right now, I have things I feel I need to address. Mainly because I'm tired of my brain reminding me to post it while I'm in the shower. (Seriously, what is it about the shower that makes my mind think of shiz like I'm on crack?!) (I've never done crack).

First off, for those who follow me on Twitter, I've been posting a very vague hashtag #somethingupmysleeve. I can't tell you what it's about yet. But if everything goes as planned, then I should be posting the reveal next Wednesday. A week from today. I know that was such a tease. Trust me, it'll so be worth it. I want to tell you guys! I truly do! But considering the topic, my head, and my feelings on this topic, I need to wait. If you happen to be one of the five people who know, I ask you to please let me do this by myself.

Secondly, a partial reason why I've been MIA (not the singer), is because of the wedding planning. For a few glorious minutes, it looked like this weekend was going to be my first weekend of absolutely nothing planned. Now I'm just hoping plans don't take all day so I can come back home.

Thirdly, shit. I forgot what the third one was. [10mins later, still thinking on what it was] Moving on.

Finally, I want to leave on a Krazy note. Tonight I was at the mall, doing some wedding shopping. I was in Victoria's Secret looking at all the fun swim suits! It's a terrifying sight to see me in one, but the colors are just too fun! I was holding a bikini top I thought MIL would like (oh! They get back from vacay this week!!) and remembered a Krazy story. Fiance and I were at the InLaws house for gawd-knows what. Let's see... I was still skinny so about 1-2.5yrs ago. That sound good? Good. Well, when we got there MIL was pissed and let me tell you, it's rare I see her like that. Turned out that Krazy and Bonehead asked MIL to watch their baby while they went and partied at the river. By now, it was already a pattern that InLaws watched our Niece while Bonehead & Krazy played. I guess Krazy didn't have enough swimsuits (you'd be laughing now if you knew better) because she grabbed all of MIL's bikinis, cover ups, and matching sandals. MIL had planned on going swimming at her Dad's house that afternoon. For some unknown reason, she didn't feel comfortable swimming with her Dad and a baby in a skimpy swimsuit. Remember, MIL would let us borrow anything if we had asked. If Krazy asked beforehand, MIL would've loaned her cover ups and sandals. But MIL doesn't like sharing swimsuits. I don't blame her. I think MIL got new suits after that. I'll have to check with Fiance, but I also think that was the reason I got a very nice gift in front of Krazy, when Krazy didn't get one. I'll post about that one when I can ask Fiance.

Hope this satisfies everyone for awhile. I'm trying so hard to remember stories of Krazy that are longer than "yeah, she said something stupid and we all stared at her."

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Thoughts

I have a few stories to share but I need to sit at a computer. In our house, that's hard. So later this week you'll get a few.

Last week I had posted about Krazy's lyrical FB post. Then Fiance and I went to Hometown to see Bonehead and our Niece yesterday. Fiance let Bonehead know we were close, just in case Krazy was there. We were being nice. We gave a get away opportunity. Krazy never came the entire visit. And we stayed a few hours. Since it was Sunday nigt, Krazy should've been at the house to pick up Niece anytime. We're used to that, no biggie. But then Bonehead said he was meeting her in town at vague place. Anyone else's red flag waving yet?

Oh well. Fiance and I talked while Bonehead was gone. We agreed it was odd, but it was calmer this way. The whole family knows about the potential Krazy invasion. We know how she is. We're also confident she knows she's not welcome. Fiance was glad he didn't have to see or talk to Krazy. I was glad, too, but lil bummed we couldn't say anything at the same time. Fiance got a kick out of that because that's just not my normal self. Not at that house.

So, Krazy never appeared this weekend. Bonehead knows we're going to be there next weekend, too. If Krazy decides to choose that day to make an appearance, it won't end nice. She'd be a piece of meat, walking into lions den. And she knows it this time.

I'm excited for Super Bowl Sunday now. :)

*Jaw Drop*

Today I'm skipping ahead 2years because I had told a friend about it this weekend.

It was New Years Eve, 2010. It was the first NYE party we held at our house. We're not strangers to having parties or drinking. We're used to that. Fiance, Roomie, and myself had all been cleaning for 2days. But we didn't Krazy proof it. I had no clue that I had to.

I don't remember what all we were doing to the house but apparently de-bachelorizing was high on my priority. I don't knwo, I don't try to figure Me out. It's confusing in this cluttered head. But apparently Roomie's round table and chairs took up too much room. I had been wanting my table in the house for a long time, I just needed to find chairs. My table is an antique, old skool square table that my funky G~ma bought and refinished for me. My table has 2 leafs, but you have to lift the top entire off to pull the leafs out. I freaking LOVE my table. Fiance found some chairs that are slightly darker than the table (my fault though, oops!) and we brought them home. It was in the house for about 2months before this party. I kept placemats on the table because liquids leave a stain in the finish. People knew I loved my table.

So back to the party. It's well under way, but nowhere near midnight (meaning people were still fairly sober). Bonehead and Krazy came over before having to go to next party. That's fine by me since there's so many people over. I was fiddle-fartin around the kitchen and Krazy was at the table with few people. I couldn't get a pickle jar open so I was going to the living room where some guys were. If they couldn't open it, then we just wouldn't have pickles. Krazy said she could open it. I looked at her questionably because she's got about the same arm strength as me. Not that much. I handed her the jar in case she knew something I hadn't just tried. She took the jar and started smacking the top on my table. I was shocked. Eyes wide, mouth open, frozen. After the 2nd or 3rd try I took the jar and told her the guys will open it. Not sure when but shortly after, she asked if I was upset. I told her she had just left dents in my antique table. She apologized but this girl hasn't ever said a sincere apology in our house, ever. I tried to remain calm while I quickly finished in the kitchen. Then I went outside to Fiance to vent off some anger before I got really upset.

I've seen this "technique" done before. My family has done it at one point or another. But we've done it on surfaces that are known to withstand it, and we don't hit that hard. Typically, wood just isn't a great surface to hit stuff. And not at someone else's house without permission. The table is now always covered by placemats and various items now. We put a beeswax coat on it so the dents are protected, but I still know. My poor table.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Today, one of my fabulous friends (who thinks this blog is pretty freakin awesome), sent me a text about Krazy. She said that Krazy had made a Facebook post "about acting single or whatever...Not so in love?" I immediately responded, "screen shot that shiz!" And viola I got one. However, I'm not so good with editing that type of stuff so you're going to have to trust me.

Krazy: "I can smile, live it up, The way a single girl does." Hmm. Interesting. For those who don't know, those are the lyrics to a song by Rascal Flatts ft. Natasha Bedingfield. The song is about two people broken up and faking the smiles, putting up the front of being happy, and how hard it is to fake being happy. Now do you see why its so interesting?! Monday (or was it Tuesday?) Krazy sent Roomie a "6pg text" about how she loves Bonehead, and Bonehead loves her to death. Yadda yadda yadda, gag me. Love in this family ain't no temporary thang. It's deep, it's meaningful, and it's a way of life. Love doesn't end in time for the weekend. Part of me is hoping Bonehead just took advantage of the situation and "toot it boot it" because really, who wants Krazy drama again?

While we're on topic, what's is with this girl? Doesn't Bonehead realize there are other vaginas in this world?! Ya know, ones that act all hoity toity. He's putting the pussy on the pedestal. And that shiz ain't cool when it likes to roll off the damn pedestal.

Hopefully Sunday was a temporary thing. Maybe its like Inception and this whole thing is a dream. I don't know. What I do know is, I'll find out on Sunday. Ha. A week later. I have a feeling Monday's post will be pretty freakin entertaining.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rewinding, A History of WTFs

I left things a little vague yesterday. So I decided to clue you guys in a little. Let me break it all down for you.

Me- I'm telling you the dang stories!
Fiance- Self explanatory, doncha think? Also, youngest of 3 brothers.
Roomie- The oldest of the 3 brothers. He lives with us.
Krazy- Our subject of this blog.
Bonehead- The middle brother, the "genius" who decided to get back with baby momma.
MIL- Future Mother in Law.
FIL- Future Father in Law.

I have lots of stories about Krazy and the things I've seen. Since InLaws are pre-wedding vacationing for 3wks, I figured I'd tell ya'll some of my stories. After all, the newest drama won't start til InLaws get back. Because of my oh-so-marvelous timeframe remembering skills, I won't go in exact order of stories. But the very beginning should definitely be first.

When I met Krazy, she and Bonehead were staying at his Rents' house because they had just had a baby 3 months prior. I wasn't a drinker at that time but learned even my weak ass drinks were too strong for her. Not sure if she's ever had a strong drink. It's a shame, really. Over the next 2 months I learned a few of her mannerisms. I noticed she treated our Future MIL like shit, still wanted to go out and party even though her 4month old didn't, and she had this thought in her head that we all owed her.

Let me tell you something about our FMIL. She's pretty freaking awesome! When I'm at their house, I'm instantly calm and overwhelmed with a sense of welcome. She accepted me as a daughter right from the very beginning. Fiance let me in on a little secret. I've done the dishes everytime we go over there for dinner. BBQs and parties are no exception. There was ONE time I didn't do them, and that was because I fell asleep on the couch. In the entire time Krazy has lived (rent free) under their roof, she never has done that. Ever. And she wasn't even employed.

I learned something else about Krazy in those few months. She was competitive.

She was smug about how she could talk basketball with the brothers and FIL. But she was threatened that she had to share MIL. MIL laughed and smiled when we talked. With Krazy and MIL, conversation was forced. Eventually Krazy tried to "help" me do dishes once. She was so proud of herself, someone (not in household) saw that moment of us both doing dishes. She smiled, I rolled my eyes and raised an eyebrow.
She took MILs clothes, and that was a constant battle. MIL would gladly offer up any piece of clothing she had for either of us, as long as we asked first. That was known as the Period of Lost Clothes.

Remember how Krazy can't handle "strong" drinks? Well, I dunno what bug crawled in her head but the need to go out and party was insane. InLaws had the baby what felt like every weekend. Even to this day, the child was partially (like almost 75%) raised by MIL. It was always someone's birthday that Krazy and Bonehead had to go and celebrate. Yet, Krazy would try to tell me how she doesn't have a social life now that she has a baby. How's that work?

Alright. That's it for today. I don't feel like getting myself all worked up over her. Perhaps tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First post. Deep breaths

So, first blog. First post. Talk about intimidating! It's like I'm speaking in front of a huge audience, but I can't see them. This could be fun. There's less stage fright behind a screen.

Over the past year I've threatened toyed with the idea of starting a blog to record all the shiz my future-sister-in-law said and did. Let me tell you, she's aa doozy! I don't know the story between her and Future Bro in law, but I always saw it as he stayed with her because she's his baby momma. Well, they were always rocky, then split, then when they got back together, they decided they were going to proceed with the on/off engagement. They had set a date of 2months after we (fiance & I) tied the knot.

You know its funny how weddings celebrate the beginning of a lifetime together for most couples. Well, FBiL & FSiL (I'll think of names later) ended their relationship because she was wee bit too floozy at a wedding. I think its ironically hilarious.

For a few peaceful and glorious months, there was no FSiL. Til now. Last night, Roomie (Fiance's oldest bro) informed us on the tragedy. Knowing how this girl is, and a bunch of arm twisting from friends, I decided to start up the blog idea. Please be patient with me and my writing. My head goes faster than my fingers can type.

Let the drama unfold…

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