Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Baby Season!!

The rush to get the nursery done, baby showers, the "oh crap, what are we in for?", and the excited announcing. All part of Baby Season. It's not a time of year. It's a few years of your life. It comes at different times for everyone but it normally happens in your twenty-somethings. And if you're not pregnant, a friend of yours is, and you get a nose dive lesson into being supportive.

February was an exciting month (ok, more like week) because we had 2 couple-friends give birth to healthy babies. One week it was twins, and the next week it was our close friends new son. (so excited for them all!) I have a feeling that we will be bringing diapers as gifts instead of beer. As long as we get our baby fix, it's totally ok with us (at least for me!).

I told you February was an exciting time, but it was also a very emotional/insightful time. So along with all the wedding stresses, Fiance was about to come off Winter Shift (nights) and merge back into days, and we were sort of pushed into having potential life changing talks. Nothing bad, just about how insane it is that our friends are getting married, having kids, raising families, starting their lives. We may not make the greatest  of incomes but if the stork decided to drop a present at our house, then we think we could shuffle a few things and provide the best life we could manage. Between being alone 3/4 of the week, and Roomie's new girlfriend bringing up last years memories, I found myself thinking more about Krazy.

It was last year at the InLaws house. The men in the living room watching some sport, of course. The women were in the kitchen and the tv room that's adjacent to the kitchen. MIL and I were at the far edge of the kitchen. Roomie's girlfriend at the time (I think Bossy is an appropriate name), and Krazy were in the tv room. Krazy had a glazed look over eyes as she watched her daughter and Bossy's daughter play together. Krazy told Bossy that she and Bonehead were going to start trying for a boy here very soon (her timeline conflicted with her wedding, btw. Keep that in mind with this Catholic family) and asked Bossy when she and Roomie will start trying. Bossy looked at Krazy like she had grown a second head. Bossy informed Krazy in a not so subtle tone, that theres no way she and Roomie could afford a second child (2nd for her, at least) and they weren't anywhere near that point in the relationship.

I believe MIL & I were trying our damndest not to bust up laughing.

I wish I remembered the words Bossy and Krazy exchanged, but essentially Bossy got Krazy to STFU. I think then Krazy knew a few things on where she stands:
  • She's too bat shit crazy to care for a second child
  • She doesn't need a second child when they struggle that much for their only one
  • Our family doesn't want a second grandchild...that way.
  • A baby doesn't solve relationship problems.
I still get a big smile when I think back to that. I wasn't close to Bossy but I believe we celebrated that day with a beer later that night (way after her daughter had gone to bed). It was a glorious victory in this never ending war with Krazy. It kinda reminds me of another story about Krazy...