Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Change of Epic Proportions

As of today, I have 3 days until Easter is here, and Lent is over. For me, this means I can have my Facebook account back (yay!). Ya'll on Twitter know I'm beside myself with excitement and something huge is here. But it's so much bigger than Twitter. This needs to be logged in a book somewhere. No better place than here, right?

So I'm taking a 'break' from work (because for first time in over a week I actually have work to do) to bring this most glorious news:


I, Dory, and Fiance, are pleased to announce that our home will soon be housing two humans, not three!! [Insert fabtastic happy dancin here] Roomie got an awesome apartment with an amazing view (better than ours!) just a few blocks down.

I cannot express how estatic we both are to finally be able to live together, alone. It'll be hard financially for a bit, but I think it will the most gratifying broke we'll ever be.


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  1. Yaaay! (Just saw you posted this). You're going to have so much fun decorating.

  2. So, how is life with just the 2 of you? Do you walk around naked whenever you want? Leave dirty underwear lying around b/c it's not weird now? (Or is that weird? Whatever. Don't judge me!) :)

  3. Roomie has been out just hours-shy of a full week. It's been freaking amazing! Yes, I may have ran a circle in the house naked, just to say I have. hahaha And yes, I did leave my dirty undies out the other day and realized I didn't need to be embarrassed because I was only one who saw them out :)

    Also, the day after he moved out, I set up the room in a visualizer and picked out colors for our new guest/extra room. I'll probably do a story on here to show it off. :)