Monday, August 6, 2012

July 23rd

Krazy announced her pregnancy on Facebook the day after she told MIL. (By the way, what happened to the superstition about not announcing til after the 1st trimester?) ExRoomie posted a day or two later something along the lines of "Yeah..and we're supposed to be happy? lmao...kicks rocks" and Krazy did not like that. She really didn't like my "that seems to be the general consensus" (again, along the lines...) comment either. In fact, she disliked us so much, she didn't contact me or ExRoomie. She went to MIL. (MIL had written a comment agreeing but then deleted it. Heck, whole post is deleted, sadly.)

I texted MIL later, asking if Krazy had texted her (remember, Krazy goes to MIL, not us) and she sent me the whole exchange. Would ya like to read it? Of course you do! So here it goes, 3 texts from Krazy, to MIL, forwarded to me.

Krazy: "This is bullcrap with what I have to put up with. Seriously! I have ur son. [ExRoomie] talking crap on fb and daughter inlaw [me]. If he aint happy and all of u he doesn't need to post that crap. This child in me is his nephew or niece and ur grandchild. That aint cool at all. I'm done I have nothing else to say to this family. Please don't text me or call me. I will text u about [niece] If I need to. Thanks" *All spelling, punctuation, and grammer is Krazy's. Not mine.*

MIL's convinced Krazy just loves the drama, and that the pregnancy is her way of trapping MiddleBro. She voiced a few other complaints too, but they pretty much just copied mine and I don't believe I've ever hidden my opinion. :)  I like how she said she has "nothing else to say to this family." If she holds true to it, then it'll finally be quiet for MIL's phone.

A week after the pregnancy announcement, ExRoomie finally heard from MiddleBro (who hadn't stayed in his own apartment for that week), when he got the text that MiddleBro is moving out in few months. Yesterday, (August 5th) is first time I've seen MiddleBro. He's been keeping to himself. But you can see the strain on his face. You'd see stress on my face too if my baby-momma isn't letting me see or talk to my child. Not sure when that started but Krazy is refusing to let our niece see or talk to MiddleBro. That is the most assinine thing I've ever heard in my entire life! I was told MiddleBro is going to take her to court but who knows. Not going to believe it until I see it.

This girl just needs help. Bad. She may be making life harder for everyone around them, but she doesn't see how this will fuck up her daughter?

This blog was supposed to track the frequency of Krazy's outburts and tantrums. Now it's just recording everything she does and says. It's like her own electronic medical file. Or would it be mental? I know MiddleBro can withstand Krazy and her antics. But you don't take a child away from his/her parent as a way of punishment.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 21st

July 21st was National Tequila Day, and the popular Taco Tuesday.

Monday had been a hard day for Husband, so Tuesday was supposed to be better. GF and her son were over helping with something when Husband asked GF if ExRoomie had talked to her yet. She said no, but she knew there was something he had to say. So, Husband decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and tell us both. Krazy had gone up to MIL and informed her that she was pregnant.

{collective gasp please}

Gawd, just thinking back to that part makes my blood run hot. Krazy had been on the outs of the family for a week. And this?

But here's the problem. I understand it's possible, but there are some issues with her timeline. As of the 21st:
  • 3wks prior was Krazy's last stomach doc appt (guess she'd been having issues for months), and they test for pregnancy, which was a negative.
  • 2wks prior to the 21st, Krazy was on her period. GF knew that because in a bachelor pad, it's pretty easy to tell who's on their period when it's not you.
    • shouldn't she just now be ovulating?
Disregard the part that she's been drinking a lot, very frequently.

Again, I know some women get their periods and can be pregnant. And that some have tested uber early and still came out positive. But considering her past month, there's enough doubt.

MIL's voiced that she has a gut feeling that it's just a hoax to get Middle Bro trapped. On her side of the family, if you have a gut feeling, then you're 99% correct. I told Husband about MIL's feeling and he gave me this odd look. He told me that she's never been wrong with those feelings.

Considering the situation, I hope the pregnancy is a lie. But if it's true, then she better hope to God it's Middle Bro's.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 14th

July 14th (Monday) was scheduled if we had bothered looking at a calendar.

In hindsight, MIL knew Krazy's behavior from Saturday night was the big clue. But considering Sunday was quiet, MIL wasn't expecting to get bombarded by angry Krazy texts. Poor MIL got the brunt of Krazy's Quarterly Tantrum again.

Krazy claims that she's sick of the crap she has to deal with in this family, how we'll never accept her, they favor me, how FIL is racist, etc etc. She also told MIL that she was tired of being attacked by the family. She used "attacked" in her essay text. Seriously. Husband was on the phone with MIL on speaker phone when I heard that so I wrote on a napkin "perhaps she should come to our house so she can honestly say she was attacked". Something along those lines and not nice at all. To say she was attacked, is a slap to the face to the InLaws after all they've done for Krazy and Middle Bro. Krazy lived in their house, free of any costs, for a very long time, disrespectful towards MIL, and acted like they owed her something. To top it all off, everyone had been trying to give her the second chance she wanted. No one said anything offensive about/to her that weekend.

Now here's the part that needs to be addressed. FIL is not racist. If he was, would he really do so much for Krazy? Krazy is Mexican. FIL is loud and will say something and stick to it, just to get a rise out of you. I've NEVER been offended by him. I used to/still get comments from him about what's on my foot (tattoo) or what was in my nose (piercing). He always smiles and gives you a hug afterwards. FIL's thing for Krazy is to call her a Spaniard. She's always replied with, "I'm not a Spaniard. I'm a Mexican" and laughs it off. He'd been saying that since before I came around 3.5yrs ago! We're not sure why she decided to be offended now.

She claimed InLaws favor me over her. Even GF told her she was cray for thinking they play favorites. Krazy was upset about how they had offered me dinner when I walked in but they didn't say anything to her. Uh, I guess we're playing preschool now. She had already been at the house for awhile before I got there, and she sees InLaws regularly because of our Niece.

The Tantrum was fairly typical, only a few new things to complain about. The heartbreaking part was when MIL told Krazy she's done playing her games and Krazy pulled the "oh, you don't love [niece] anymore...?" card. MIL bends over backwards for that little girl and loves her more than anything. I don't understand how Krazy can get off pulling that card. Is she really that sick that she feels this need to hold some type of power over someone? Why? Why use an innocent child as pawn? Does she not see how that this behavior is already affecting our niece? I just don't get it.

It's reached a point where it's no longer infuriating, it's just concerning. Krazy needs help but I can bet that she either won't go, or won't follow directions correctly.