Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rewinding, A History of WTFs

I left things a little vague yesterday. So I decided to clue you guys in a little. Let me break it all down for you.

Me- I'm telling you the dang stories!
Fiance- Self explanatory, doncha think? Also, youngest of 3 brothers.
Roomie- The oldest of the 3 brothers. He lives with us.
Krazy- Our subject of this blog.
Bonehead- The middle brother, the "genius" who decided to get back with baby momma.
MIL- Future Mother in Law.
FIL- Future Father in Law.

I have lots of stories about Krazy and the things I've seen. Since InLaws are pre-wedding vacationing for 3wks, I figured I'd tell ya'll some of my stories. After all, the newest drama won't start til InLaws get back. Because of my oh-so-marvelous timeframe remembering skills, I won't go in exact order of stories. But the very beginning should definitely be first.

When I met Krazy, she and Bonehead were staying at his Rents' house because they had just had a baby 3 months prior. I wasn't a drinker at that time but learned even my weak ass drinks were too strong for her. Not sure if she's ever had a strong drink. It's a shame, really. Over the next 2 months I learned a few of her mannerisms. I noticed she treated our Future MIL like shit, still wanted to go out and party even though her 4month old didn't, and she had this thought in her head that we all owed her.

Let me tell you something about our FMIL. She's pretty freaking awesome! When I'm at their house, I'm instantly calm and overwhelmed with a sense of welcome. She accepted me as a daughter right from the very beginning. Fiance let me in on a little secret. I've done the dishes everytime we go over there for dinner. BBQs and parties are no exception. There was ONE time I didn't do them, and that was because I fell asleep on the couch. In the entire time Krazy has lived (rent free) under their roof, she never has done that. Ever. And she wasn't even employed.

I learned something else about Krazy in those few months. She was competitive.

She was smug about how she could talk basketball with the brothers and FIL. But she was threatened that she had to share MIL. MIL laughed and smiled when we talked. With Krazy and MIL, conversation was forced. Eventually Krazy tried to "help" me do dishes once. She was so proud of herself, someone (not in household) saw that moment of us both doing dishes. She smiled, I rolled my eyes and raised an eyebrow.
She took MILs clothes, and that was a constant battle. MIL would gladly offer up any piece of clothing she had for either of us, as long as we asked first. That was known as the Period of Lost Clothes.

Remember how Krazy can't handle "strong" drinks? Well, I dunno what bug crawled in her head but the need to go out and party was insane. InLaws had the baby what felt like every weekend. Even to this day, the child was partially (like almost 75%) raised by MIL. It was always someone's birthday that Krazy and Bonehead had to go and celebrate. Yet, Krazy would try to tell me how she doesn't have a social life now that she has a baby. How's that work?

Alright. That's it for today. I don't feel like getting myself all worked up over her. Perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Haha. I hate when that happens. Someone gets credit for doing something they never do and just happened to do once. Grr.

  2. "still wanted to go out and party even though her 4month old didn't"

    I like this line.

  3. She sounds AWESOME! Why don't you like her?! ;)

  4. Why some people don't get that babies and partying don't mix...I'll never understand :)

    Ohhh this will be a source of entertainment, loving this blog :D