Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Telephone Game

*Disclaimer: I started this 3months ago and I apologize for the lack of luster. The next post makes it better, I promise!*

I mentioned on my last post that one of my friends called me with new information on Krazy. There was. OH BOY was there new information! Thankfully it was nice outside so I was able to sit outside for the call because there was no way I would be able to absorb this stuff, just sitting on the couch.
Phone rings, I answer. No preamble, we just got right down to business. Coworker of my friend approached Friend and talked a little with her about Krazy and whatever tie there was there (sorry, it was more than 2hrs ago, I can't remember). Friend tried to inform Coworker that Krazy is one of those people where you say little, nothing offensive, and take a step back. Coworker may not have believed Friend when she was told, Krazy will do what she needs to, to stalk this family. See, from the beginning, Krazy was adamant, she was going to marry into this household family. Don't ask why, I don't understand it.

Anyways, there was a nasty little rumor that Krazy was seeing 2 guys at the same time. And then the rumor she was engaged. I laughed at that one. Even she wouldn't get engaged after such short time. And don't forget the ever-so-mandatory rumor (damn small towns!) that she was uh, trying out a few guys' beds.

None of that mattered though because, as it turned out, Krazy and Middle Bro were having dinner together as we were speaking.

Sadly, it must of been a boring dinner because nothing came of it.


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