Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Story for a Long Family Trip

Jumping a few months ahead, we reach the summer. Last summer was abnormally chilly (80s, not 90s or 100s), but we were in our only heat wave and it was finally hot. The InLaws invited all the kids and significant others to the place they were staying at, at Lake Chelan. Roomie and Bossy were in Montana for some softball tourney. So Krazy, Bonehead, and their daughter drove up to our house, and we all loaded up in our truck (guys, I love our truck. The back seats recline a little!) with the boat in tow, and we drove up to Chelan.

The condo was a little cramped with 6 adults and a 2yo. We settled in for the first day and everyone  was getting a routine down. We were all pumped to go out on our small boat the next day. The weather was supposed to be hot with hint of a breeze.

The next morning lunches were made, hair was pulled back, everyone had swim suits on. Krazy was going for the neon 90s look and was doing that stupid self portrait every girl seems to do on Facebook.

To MIL and I, it appeared that Krazy was pumping herself up to go boating. She's never been on our boat. Her daughter scares VERY easily. Just put a sleeping dog next to her and watch the reaction. You'll agree if you've seen it. Anyways, Krazy is same way. She'll pretend she's excited to try something new but we all know it'll be hell. We weren't even going to do anything fun anyways. There were too many people (3 with very bad backs, let alone the toddler), so all we were going to do was putt around and do very easy tubing.

We make the long trek down to dock and wait our turn to unload (it was our first boat launch with only ONE ramp). It was still early-mid morning and we were all sweating. It was going to be a hot one and that warm, clear lake water was going to feel good!

This water is crystal clear. That was probably about 40-50feet deep. Freaking beautiful!

We go out to a clear, calm spot to float (about 10-15mins out) and Krazy starts complaining. She's hot. She doesn't feel good. I mentally tell her that she shouldn't have sprayed the entire tanning oil bottle on her before we got out here. Everyone tells her she's probably dehydrated and too much sun (really?!). Krazy refused to drink water. Refused to dip her feet in the water to cool down. Fiance asked if she wants to go back to the dock and go back to the room. She said yes, but didn't want everyone else to be dragged down with her. Fiance very loud and clear when he assured her, no the group wasn't going in. Just her and our niece. :)

Ya know, it was amazing how much more fun we had once she went in. Everyone stayed hydrated and got in the water when they needed a quick cool down. We kept our heads covered. We tubed. The boat took on some more water than normal BUT we had way more weight in her than normal. But she ran wonderful!! FIL and Bonehead were incredibly sore after tubing (bad backs) but you can tell they had a blast.

We all went out for dinner that night. It was a fancy place and if we lived closer, I would've loved to get married there. I simply cannot explain how beautiful it was. Everyone was on their best behavior. Except Krazy got a little too loopy and didn't try very hard to keep the mouth filter on. I can't remember exactly what was said but there were a few times MIL and I exchanged concerned looks.

After that day, Krazy was quiet. She slept most of the way home. She didn't say anything really brow-raising. But she never seems to stay that way.


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  1. Duckface. LOL. I can so see her doing that.