Monday, August 6, 2012

July 23rd

Krazy announced her pregnancy on Facebook the day after she told MIL. (By the way, what happened to the superstition about not announcing til after the 1st trimester?) ExRoomie posted a day or two later something along the lines of "Yeah..and we're supposed to be happy? lmao...kicks rocks" and Krazy did not like that. She really didn't like my "that seems to be the general consensus" (again, along the lines...) comment either. In fact, she disliked us so much, she didn't contact me or ExRoomie. She went to MIL. (MIL had written a comment agreeing but then deleted it. Heck, whole post is deleted, sadly.)

I texted MIL later, asking if Krazy had texted her (remember, Krazy goes to MIL, not us) and she sent me the whole exchange. Would ya like to read it? Of course you do! So here it goes, 3 texts from Krazy, to MIL, forwarded to me.

Krazy: "This is bullcrap with what I have to put up with. Seriously! I have ur son. [ExRoomie] talking crap on fb and daughter inlaw [me]. If he aint happy and all of u he doesn't need to post that crap. This child in me is his nephew or niece and ur grandchild. That aint cool at all. I'm done I have nothing else to say to this family. Please don't text me or call me. I will text u about [niece] If I need to. Thanks" *All spelling, punctuation, and grammer is Krazy's. Not mine.*

MIL's convinced Krazy just loves the drama, and that the pregnancy is her way of trapping MiddleBro. She voiced a few other complaints too, but they pretty much just copied mine and I don't believe I've ever hidden my opinion. :)  I like how she said she has "nothing else to say to this family." If she holds true to it, then it'll finally be quiet for MIL's phone.

A week after the pregnancy announcement, ExRoomie finally heard from MiddleBro (who hadn't stayed in his own apartment for that week), when he got the text that MiddleBro is moving out in few months. Yesterday, (August 5th) is first time I've seen MiddleBro. He's been keeping to himself. But you can see the strain on his face. You'd see stress on my face too if my baby-momma isn't letting me see or talk to my child. Not sure when that started but Krazy is refusing to let our niece see or talk to MiddleBro. That is the most assinine thing I've ever heard in my entire life! I was told MiddleBro is going to take her to court but who knows. Not going to believe it until I see it.

This girl just needs help. Bad. She may be making life harder for everyone around them, but she doesn't see how this will fuck up her daughter?

This blog was supposed to track the frequency of Krazy's outburts and tantrums. Now it's just recording everything she does and says. It's like her own electronic medical file. Or would it be mental? I know MiddleBro can withstand Krazy and her antics. But you don't take a child away from his/her parent as a way of punishment.

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