Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First post. Deep breaths

So, first blog. First post. Talk about intimidating! It's like I'm speaking in front of a huge audience, but I can't see them. This could be fun. There's less stage fright behind a screen.

Over the past year I've threatened toyed with the idea of starting a blog to record all the shiz my future-sister-in-law said and did. Let me tell you, she's aa doozy! I don't know the story between her and Future Bro in law, but I always saw it as he stayed with her because she's his baby momma. Well, they were always rocky, then split, then when they got back together, they decided they were going to proceed with the on/off engagement. They had set a date of 2months after we (fiance & I) tied the knot.

You know its funny how weddings celebrate the beginning of a lifetime together for most couples. Well, FBiL & FSiL (I'll think of names later) ended their relationship because she was wee bit too floozy at a wedding. I think its ironically hilarious.

For a few peaceful and glorious months, there was no FSiL. Til now. Last night, Roomie (Fiance's oldest bro) informed us on the tragedy. Knowing how this girl is, and a bunch of arm twisting from friends, I decided to start up the blog idea. Please be patient with me and my writing. My head goes faster than my fingers can type.

Let the drama unfold…

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  1. Heheh! Can't wait! Nice first post!

  2. I love your first post. I'm so stinkin' excited you're blogging! Yay!