Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top

I'm done with the wedding! I have TIME!! I've forgotten what this is like. I could get used to this.

(Scratch out the whole 'time' comment. The 1st weekend in July is the only weekend we had to ourselves until September)

So in comes May. Cousin's wedding is coming up. Our niece is a flower girl in it. Krazy was coming up with the fam. Glad we stayed in the hotel across the street. I guess Krazy was trying to work herself back in the family, and be on everyone's good graces. She behaved herself (besides her and Middle Bro leaving our niece with the InLaws during the reception).

She apparently told MIL that she wanted to help with our wedding. I really doubted it and didn't like it but was it really such a big deal in the whole picture? No. So Krazy helped with the Rehearsal Dinner. She brought in 3 different types of drool-worthy cheesecake cupcakes. (Major points to Krazy). And made this little sign for us. I have to admit, she's being true to her word and is actually trying to make peace with this family. She had talked with ExRoomies current GF (she's a keeper! Perhaps I'll name her GoodGF?), and was asking advice on how to not be on everyone's shit list. GF told her that if she wanted to make good with us, she needed to talk to us seperately and sort it out, but before the wedding. Krazy took her advice, but decided rehearsal night was when she needed to talk to Husband (that flows so much nicer than fiance). All Husband told her was to be good and respect his mom, and she'll be ok. Note: to this day, she still has not talked to just me.

She kept it up for awhile, this good change she's done. Me, my niece, and Krazy went to Old Navy's dollar flip flop sale and didn't say one bad thing to each other. On the Fourth of July she got under ExRoomies skin, but I'm just going to push that under the rug because alchoholic beverages were involved.

July 14th was the "calm" (fi you can call it that) before the storm.


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