Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Blame TheBloggess

**Slight shoulder nudity**

This weekend we went down to Ptown for multiple reasons. I had my bday dinner with my dad, siblings, and paternal grandparents. (my mother & other grandparents sent their gift with the kids). Then we went to our friends' house for her birthday.

I had been super excited to stay at our inlaws house because they have a huge jetted tub. Mil lets me take a bath whenever because she knows how envious I am of that tub. So, Sunday I wake up and my husband was occupied watching tv. He suggested I take a bath before we left. I think I was running to it before he finished talking.

This tub is glorious. The bday friend gave me a Scentsy bath tab that I had used the day before. Today, I wasn't using jets, just a hot bubble bath. I was sitting there, reading TheBloggess' book Let's Pretend This Never Happened on my Kindle, completely engulfed in it. After a bit, the jets came on, spitting out air to get rid of excess water. When the whole tub was filled. With bubbles.

I panicked BUT I did move the Kindle to higher ground. I'm yelling for my husband to come and help me, but I only got the dog. I don't know if the dog understood the panic in my voice, but when I told him to "go get dad" he turned and went to get him. I'm trying to shut the jets off, but since those weren't the right jets, they wouldn't shut off. So the bubbles grew. And grew.

When my dear husband finally came (and told me to pull the drain), he took a precious moment to take in the scene and laugh his ass off. To his credit, it was pretty comical. The bath was overflowing with bubbles. In my panic-induced delirium, I said "I kinda wish we had a picture". Horrible thing to say. Because my husband whipped out his phone and took a picture.

Thank gawd I got all the bubbles back in the tub, and down the drain. By the way, the picture didn't show I had cleaned up some over the overflow.

So really, if I hadn't been reading TheBloggess's book, I wouldn't have had a bubble issue. But I did have a good story to tell.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black Holidays

I might as well get this out and off my chest.

New Year's Eve, my poor husband caught my mother at another man's house. Inside his locked gate actually. After texting his long-term girlfriend, making sure she wasn't home. We knew for months that she was up to no good when she won't allow anyone on her phone. And my dad kept seeing the guy's number come up on phone records. We knew it was coming. Except, she denies everything.

My aunt called 911 on my dad, thinking he was suicidal (I know what was said, how it can be perceived that way from a stranger, but no way is my dad suicidal). My mother then put a restraining order against my dad. She took away the last thing he cared the most about, my brother and sister. At least til this Friday.

According to my dad, my mom filed for divorce yesterday. Shocker.

I wish they could've been adults throughout this whole thing. But no, she has to play games, setting my dad up to fail. Oh, she was making the boat payments in full on time, but the house payment was 3months behind. Because my dad's name was on it. SUCH a courteous one, my mother.

I pray everyday that my brother and sister don't get messed up because of this. My brother is such a roller coaster anyways. And my sister is very much a daddy's girl. It hurt when I had to tell my sister, no I couldn't eat spaghetti and spend the night. Regardless it was already 8:30pm.

During same week this shit went down, I developed a double ear infection. FUN. I have hydros to help with the pain but I can't take them during the day. And I want to sleep when I come off them. But at least my ears aren't in such pain and I can close my jaw again. I do wish I can hear again, though.

Krazy and her boyfriend broke up. And she's trying to be besties with MIL again. Ain't happenin. Krazy's pouting because we're not giving her the time of day. Good. She needs to be told no.

I think that's it for now. Gawd I hope so. I don't want to deal with more of this shit.