Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 20th

*sigh* I'm tired of Krazy. I've had enough crazy this year, I don't need Krazy to add to it. At least this post is semi-decent. I should be outright excited (and I am), but just don't have the energy to jump around.

Thursday (Sept 20th), I had two friends text me, telling me that Krazy has a new boyfriend. I'm not shocked. That girl has no problem finding guys. I'll give her that. It's keeping them that is the trick. But what I was shocked about was on the morning of September 28th. Ya know, thank gawd my friend checked Facebook that morning. I was able to learn, show, and tell so the family knew before lunch. Apparently Krazy got this new boytoy pussy-whipped so bad, he decided she needed a promise ring. [Insert collective gasp here]

Now, it's been 2wks since she publicly posted about this boyfriend. So normal people may think they'd been dating for months before saying anything. No. Krazy can't keep a secret. Hello, she posted her morning surprise before 8am! I personally think they'd been dating 3wks but who the eff knows. What I care about is that she has a boytoy. This is good because she gets very relaxed about the family having our niece. Unfortunately, she's using her daughter to give MIL messages. Example- "My mommy wants me to tell you that she has a new boyfriend, but, but, he's not allowed to spend the night." Riiight. Why would a 3yo feel the need to tell her Grandma that? Besides, we know she didn't hook this guy off of her charm.

Overall, I'm glad Krazy has a boyfriend. I think she totally deserves the creepy guy who gave her a promise ring (and says "I love you") with less than 1 month of knowing her name.

Good luck Krazy. You and your new boytoy will need it.

Your fans waiting for the shit to go down

Unrelated: New post coming soon, un-related to Krazy, and about what we're up to!

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