Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Judge

This past month hasn't been very nice.

I've been ignoring twitter. On purpose. I know, shocker. It was fun to keep up with Twitter friends and just hear their drama, because you weren't involved. Now, I don't want to hear another whine, especially from strangers. I'll listen to my friends, and help them whenever I can. But honestly, I got enough shit going on, I just don't want it.

I'm heavily debating blocking a family member on Facebook. Which is weird because FB is a place I let my family follow me. (Twitter is totally diff story). I don't want to see posts, updates, lies, or falsely happy pictures from this person. I don't want them to see any of my pics, honest updates, or see any glimpse of our happy lives. I feel cold hearted but at the same time, I've lost all respect for this person. I think we've spoken 2x since this whole thing started, (a month ago). I want to say what's happened, and what's occupying my head. I just can't. But what I will say is, when I was first approached, I was happy for the upcoming growth of a person. But the outcome and events that have since happened, just fucking sucks.

Ok. I need to move on from that.

Um. oh! oh! oh!

Krazy made an appearance at Thanksgiving dinner!! She had to pick up our niece, but decided she couldn't wait in the car like it was arranged. The best part, with the exception of one person, everyone was awkwardly silent. and it was glorious. Krazy's been telling our niece lies, truths that shouldn't ever include a child, and stories to relay to MIL. Just sickening the way she uses her child. But I was glad she didn't get the warm welcome she was expecting. 

The other day I realized that we seem pretty redneckish. So. Middle Bro is dating my aunt. And I'm working super closely with ExRoomie's GF. And my other aunt posted a pic of me and Husband with all my siblings/cousins (all close in age, except LilA), and they looked like they were our own kids. Oh lordy lou. I hope work doesn't ask for the family explaination. If I don't like it, I don't have to explain, right? Gawd, I hope not. 

Let's see, Krazy, family drama, redneck, yeah. I think that's about it. If not, oh well. It's just gonna hafta be. 

PS- Krazy heard Middle Bro was dating the aunt she about attacked at my wedding. She's not happy. All of a sudden she's trying to talk to the family more. How fucking convienent.