Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 21st

July 21st was National Tequila Day, and the popular Taco Tuesday.

Monday had been a hard day for Husband, so Tuesday was supposed to be better. GF and her son were over helping with something when Husband asked GF if ExRoomie had talked to her yet. She said no, but she knew there was something he had to say. So, Husband decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and tell us both. Krazy had gone up to MIL and informed her that she was pregnant.

{collective gasp please}

Gawd, just thinking back to that part makes my blood run hot. Krazy had been on the outs of the family for a week. And this?

But here's the problem. I understand it's possible, but there are some issues with her timeline. As of the 21st:
  • 3wks prior was Krazy's last stomach doc appt (guess she'd been having issues for months), and they test for pregnancy, which was a negative.
  • 2wks prior to the 21st, Krazy was on her period. GF knew that because in a bachelor pad, it's pretty easy to tell who's on their period when it's not you.
    • shouldn't she just now be ovulating?
Disregard the part that she's been drinking a lot, very frequently.

Again, I know some women get their periods and can be pregnant. And that some have tested uber early and still came out positive. But considering her past month, there's enough doubt.

MIL's voiced that she has a gut feeling that it's just a hoax to get Middle Bro trapped. On her side of the family, if you have a gut feeling, then you're 99% correct. I told Husband about MIL's feeling and he gave me this odd look. He told me that she's never been wrong with those feelings.

Considering the situation, I hope the pregnancy is a lie. But if it's true, then she better hope to God it's Middle Bro's.

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