Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 12, 2012

It took a month to type this one out. She's just that exhausting. Her behavior was just so out of the blue and completely uncalled for.

August 11th-12th was MiddleBro's weekend to have his daughter. When the weekend was over, he was to do "the swap" at his parents' house in Ptown. Apparently he was 5minutes late and Krazy lost her shit. She went off on MIL. She called her a horrible person. She went off about how our niece would be appalled at how our family treats Krazy. How Krazy doesn't want our niece to have anything to do with us, and is never allowed to be there again. She then rubbed her belly and told MIL she won't ever get to know that child. MIL never retalliated, she just kept asking what was wrong, what brought this on. Oh wait, the only hint of retaliation MIL had was when she asked Krazy if she was even pregnant. MiddleBro stood there, completely frozen in shock at what was going on in front of him. Our niece was in Krazy's car, watching all of this go down. FIL came out, got right there to Krazy, and told her, do not disrespect my wife, get the fuck off my property, you are never allowed back. And Krazy left. 

Now, let's disect her little rant. Typically, 5 minutes is nothing to get that upset over. Be irritated, that's ok. But not a reason to flip the fuck out. Next, MIL is quite the opposite of a horrible person. She damn near raised our niece as much as MiddleBro and Krazy have. She has provided food, shelter, clothes, toys, movies, & life lessons to that child that Krazy and MiddleBro hadn't. She watches that child whenever a babysitter was needed, regardless of how tired she was. So to go off on MIL and call her a horrible person, is entirely out of bounds. How about the part when Krazy claims we treat her like shit. Hmm. My husband remembers very vividly during our Rehearsal Dinner, the night before our wedding, how Krazy asked him what she can do to be on good terms with him and get our "approval". He told her that the only thing she needs to do is to treat MIL respectfully. You respect MIL, you're good with Husband. She never asked my opinion. I didn't like her, but I was being civil and polite. And quite frankly, I'm glad MIL voiced her opinion about Krazy's pregnancy.

It's now time for MiddleBro and the whole family to start thinking heavily about court. He's never gone to court for his daughter for custody. They still do every other weekend is his "time" but it still needs to be court-recognized. Unfortunately, the State of Washington makes it incredibly hard (damn near impossible) for a child to be removed from the mother. My friend told me of her cousin: he tried for custody because Baby-Mama was an alcoholic. Judge refused it, and told him he needs more proof. Isn't that assinine? An alcoholic mother can still have full custody of her child, even though the father is the better choice? That is what we'll have to deal with. I refuse to say it's on MiddleBro. We all band together for family and we all will do what we can to maintain the few visits we get, just to see that little girl.

If I remember correctly, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday that Krazy told MiddleBro that she lost the baby due to stress. The stress she caused herself. I doubted she was ever pregnant, but if she was, thank God that baby won't be born into this mess.

We do get to see our niece, thankfully. Interestingly, I last saw her at MIL's house. :) Unfortunately, she's resorted to talking baby-whiney-talk. She's also told MIL a few things that make you wonder what in the hell Krazy is telling her daughter. I wish I could remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of us hating Krazy and her (among a few others). It crushed MIL. You don't involve your 3yo on your adult matters.

You don't act like a child yourself when you become a parent. You grow up and are responsible for another human being. A perfect, innocent, child.