Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double Dog Dare

This won't be a story about Krazy. This one's about me. It doesn't define who I am, but it does make me, well, me.

I have a bone disease. Fibrosis Dysplasia. Don't try and look it up. This disease isn't necessarily a disease, but it's the best my Doc could label it as. It's a mix of two different conditions. My femurs (thigh bones guys), wrists, and elbows are weak. The bones aren't solid like they should be and are very easily broke. My wrists and elbows aren't a concern. The problem was my femurs. My left femur was very bowed in 2 ways: it bowed up, and out. My right femur (if I understand correctly) had the bigger area that was "thin."

I was diagnosed when I was 3 years old. I had tried to crawl out of my crib and gotten my foot stuck, and broke my ankle (foot? hell, I don't know). When my young mom took me to the hospital, she was incredibly lucky and the doctor had known who to refer me to. He had seen 1 other case before and knew of the best doc on this side of the country. His name is Dr. Ernest "Chappie" Conrad. We would become very close the next 15years. I had a biopsy when I was about 3yrs old; a stainless steel rod in right femur in 2nd grade; titanium rods, pins, and screws in left femur 3days after I turned 13yo; and then replaced my stainless steel to put in the titanium rod in my right femur when I was 16yo.
I could go into more details but I don't want to. I'm not ashamed, or trying to hide it. I'm just too damn excited for whats next.

Again, I was never shy or ashamed of my scars. To be honest, I forgot most of the time that I had them, even during summer. Once I had gotten old enough to fully embrace God's Gifts, I made a fun game with myself. I know when someone looks at my scars (when I'm not looking other way) and then I love to see who will actually ask me about them. I am truly estatic when someone asks. I know they had enough balls to approach a (more often than not) perfect stranger and ask what happened. But when I'm with friends or family, people tend to ask them. Yeah, it's fine and probably more "polite" but thats not how my game plays.

That brings us to now. About 3wks ago, I had an idea and before I lost my own cajones, I put it in motion. Instead of waiting for someone to see my scars and wonder if they should ask, I figured I should help them decide:

What this picture doesn't show, is my 2nd grade scar and 16yo scar (they were overlapped).
I got a tattoo (thank you Matt Brown for your patience!) that says "Dare to Ask"

I want people to ask. I'd love to tell them. Even if they don't, I still got a badass tattoo under my gnarliest of scars.


So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thank you to Matt Brown at Parkway Tattoo!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Died...Then I Came Back

I knew I was totally slacking on my blog, but didn't know it was to the point I had to reread my prior posts! Yikes! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. I've been thinking about it, I truly have! I'm at a standstill, a brick wall perhaps. I have a story I really want to post but its so far towards The End, I don't really feel like I should tell it so soon. But right now, I have things I feel I need to address. Mainly because I'm tired of my brain reminding me to post it while I'm in the shower. (Seriously, what is it about the shower that makes my mind think of shiz like I'm on crack?!) (I've never done crack).

First off, for those who follow me on Twitter, I've been posting a very vague hashtag #somethingupmysleeve. I can't tell you what it's about yet. But if everything goes as planned, then I should be posting the reveal next Wednesday. A week from today. I know that was such a tease. Trust me, it'll so be worth it. I want to tell you guys! I truly do! But considering the topic, my head, and my feelings on this topic, I need to wait. If you happen to be one of the five people who know, I ask you to please let me do this by myself.

Secondly, a partial reason why I've been MIA (not the singer), is because of the wedding planning. For a few glorious minutes, it looked like this weekend was going to be my first weekend of absolutely nothing planned. Now I'm just hoping plans don't take all day so I can come back home.

Thirdly, shit. I forgot what the third one was. [10mins later, still thinking on what it was] Moving on.

Finally, I want to leave on a Krazy note. Tonight I was at the mall, doing some wedding shopping. I was in Victoria's Secret looking at all the fun swim suits! It's a terrifying sight to see me in one, but the colors are just too fun! I was holding a bikini top I thought MIL would like (oh! They get back from vacay this week!!) and remembered a Krazy story. Fiance and I were at the InLaws house for gawd-knows what. Let's see... I was still skinny so about 1-2.5yrs ago. That sound good? Good. Well, when we got there MIL was pissed and let me tell you, it's rare I see her like that. Turned out that Krazy and Bonehead asked MIL to watch their baby while they went and partied at the river. By now, it was already a pattern that InLaws watched our Niece while Bonehead & Krazy played. I guess Krazy didn't have enough swimsuits (you'd be laughing now if you knew better) because she grabbed all of MIL's bikinis, cover ups, and matching sandals. MIL had planned on going swimming at her Dad's house that afternoon. For some unknown reason, she didn't feel comfortable swimming with her Dad and a baby in a skimpy swimsuit. Remember, MIL would let us borrow anything if we had asked. If Krazy asked beforehand, MIL would've loaned her cover ups and sandals. But MIL doesn't like sharing swimsuits. I don't blame her. I think MIL got new suits after that. I'll have to check with Fiance, but I also think that was the reason I got a very nice gift in front of Krazy, when Krazy didn't get one. I'll post about that one when I can ask Fiance.

Hope this satisfies everyone for awhile. I'm trying so hard to remember stories of Krazy that are longer than "yeah, she said something stupid and we all stared at her."