Friday, July 27, 2012

Chronological Chain of Events

I think the best way to explain what happened during this time frame is to just list it out.

July 12th (Thursday)- Ladies Night at Joker's Bar. Krazy made it well known she was going out with her roomie and sister. *Note: we find out this next bit, the next day* Krazy calls GF for a 1-2am, when she is fully aware GF has her son with her. GF loads up her was-sleeping 6yo. Goes to bar. Krazy's sister and roomie tell GF they been looking for Krazy for past 2 hrs and couldn't find her. Krazy's sister is livid at Krazy for not being responsible when she knew she still had a 30min drive home. There was big ol' argument between gf, Krazy's sister, Krazy's roomie, Krazy, and some random group of guys about what will happen. Krazy and her Roomie get a ride from the not-so-random-like-she-said guys, and GF goes back home.

July 13th (Friday)- ExRoomie wakes up to 1am phone call from GF so he calls and gets a recap of the midnight escapades. He was upset as it was, but became furious at Krazy when GF informed ExRoomie, that Krazy told GF not to tell ExRoomie or MiddleBro. GF's like, uh no that ain't happenin (I paraphrased there, but I'm sure I'm not too far off). ExRoomie tells Husband and GF tells bits and pieces to me. Husband and I were informing MIL on speaker phone when Middle Bro walks in the house being loud (thank goodness!). We immediately end the convo. Our double date with ExRoomie and GF became a Brothers-and-girls-and-niece dinner. Oh joy. All the guys were drinking, GF being good driver only had 1 drink and that was early. I had ordered a 2nd drink but it arrived towards the end of the meal. Krazy did same. Then it comes down to leave and as we were getting in our car, Krazy is getting in passenger of her car. She was making Middle Bro drive. NOT COOL. Husband said a few words.

The funny part about that was, I've seen that girl a week before, drink 2 bottles of wine and barely look buzzed. Why would 2 drinks effect her worse than all the drinks Middle Bro was drinking?

July 14th- I was down in Ptown for my sissy's 3rd birthday and my friend's bridal shower. Krazy tried to volunteer me to take my niece down to my sister's party. I love her to death, but that's between BOTH parents, NOT me. And not when I already had plans. Middle Bro had already planned on taking her with him when the whole family went boating. They had a blast!

At the end of boating, I met up with them at the Cousins' new house. Krazy and rest of family were already fed and chilling outside. I thought it was a good time. Krazy played with the Cousins' older kid while their youngest played with our niece. Everyone was talking with each other and laughing.

That's why Monday, July 16th, was way out of left field.

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