Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh October!

October has been a fucking roller coaster man! Well, September was stressful so October was like a Valium before going on Magic Mountain. You just don't give a fuck, but you're along for the ride.

In September, my husband left his job and started a new one. When he told people he got a new job, people assumed it was because of the money. Let me correct. It never was about the money. We only cared about the money in the aspect that, it can't be minimum wage. Thankfully, it was a nice raise. No, this job was about my husband's happiness. He hasn't came home pissed off, angry, irritated, emotionally and physically drained, grouchy, or stressed, yet. I hope it won't ever get to that point. This new job has better benefits, better people, a bit more relaxed, better schedule, no winter shift, and my favorite, his life expectancy has greatly improved. He still works on roads and with traffic. Except, traffic now is ~5 cars per day. Woot.

The downside about starting this new job was being paid once a month. So, from old job he got 1 paycheck, not the 2 we figured, and 3 days worth of pay from the new job. That means, for most of September we were broke bitches. Like, we planned to live like broke ass college kids who had already planned for 2 major football events. Lovely. I'm eternally grateful our families are so supportive of us. I spent a whole day in Pullman, ate, drank, watched football, and got back home, for the cost of a $30 hat. That was it. My husband had to pay a lil bit more but that was his own doings. Still, family helped. Our friends were super kind about things, too. No one was pushy when we said we couldn't go out 2 nights in a row. No one complained that we only brought a 12 pack instead of 24. September we basically lived off my weekly salary.


I ate it for lunch a few times though, simply because I was cold and didn't feel like making a sandwich.

In my vows, I said I knew we were in for rough times but I wasn't afraid of it. I was ready to tackle it without a helmet. It's true. September wasn't nearly as hard as we both planned for it to be. But that doesn't mean we didn't do a happy dance when October's paycheck came in! :)

October. October brought my husband a new job. October brought friends back together. October brought me a new job as well. ExRoomies GF had offered me a job with her. Back in July or August. But October is when I interviewed, stressed, and rocked a phone interview. Today GF sent me a text saying they're typing the official letter offering me a job. I cried. To my defense, I had been listening to Kidd's Kids Day and that got me teary. I tell my parents and MIL. But guess who still doesn't know? My dear husband. Because he left his phone at home. Sigh. That man I tell ya.

October is only halfway done. We still have 2 more weeks. In the next two weeks we will be saying goodbye to a friend and wishing her luck on her next life adventure, husband applying for dream job (though we know he's not likely to get it), hopefully Cooper will get his Seahawk jersey, and we'll have an entire weekend to ourselves. With how crazy our lives always seem to be, we always need to take a time out and just be with each other.

This is the time we'll always remember when we look back to our first year of marriage. And I freaking love it! Just wish we took more embarrasing pictures ;)

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